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Leatherman Law Group

I assist my clients with their life situations relating to succession and help them carry on their family traditions and relationships.

Glenda Leatherman initially started her practice in 2011 in Hayward, CA, and subsequently moved her offices to Dublin, CA in 2012, closer to more of her clients.


Ms. Leatherman is committed to guiding her clients to meet their estate planning goals. These goals can include:

  • Giving what they want, to whom they want, the way they want, and when they want.

  • Caring for themselves during their lifetime (incapacity, healthcare decisions).

  • Caring for and protecting others (surviving spouse and children at death).

  • Minimizing or eliminating the expense and time delays of probate.

  • Fulfilling their charitable intentions.

  • Passing on values and ideals to children and grandchildren.

  • Maximizing assets distributed to their loved ones.

  • Protecting assets from creditors for generations to come.


How these goals are met differ for each individual. That is why Ms. Leatherman sits down with each client to discuss, listen to, and evaluate their situation and concerns to choose the best path. This discussion lasts until the client is absolutely satisfied with the path they have chosen.


I am committed to serving my clients with care and exactitude, building on their trust,
and educating them on their estate matters. My clear goal for my clients is to leave them
in a better position than they were when they came to me.





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East Bay Office
Leatherman Law Group
11501 Dublin Blvd. Suite 200
Dublin, CA 94568



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